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Majik Trix  Nervous
The Man Upstairs Galactobouriko
So What Hold Me Tight
Girl The Balloon Man
 Onay Good Music
Cracker Girl From Madagascar

Tommy’s Heart

I Ate Your Bird
Hug A Tree Love is a Four Letter Word Like Wool
So Dumb  DJ REAL 2




--Majik Trix

You can't fool me mister.
I gotta bag of tricks all my own.
You try to mistify me while I'm totally in the zone.
Mama mama mama mama mama
Mama mama mama mama mama
Mama mama mama!
You ain't no!
You ain't no!
You ain't no magician so stop playin' tricks on me.
Mama clean the basement out.
Cause you know I'm comin' home.
You can take this job and
Push it over there,
'Cause I don't care.
It's not fair, being alone.


--The Man Upstairs

I live in a really big house.
And the man upstairs is the landlord.
And he's so nice, he doesn't even charge me money to live here
No, he charges something special that you can't buy in any store...
It's called love.
You made the world in seven days and seven night
I'm really grateful that you made me so polite
If it wasn't for you none of this would be happening
If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be so happy.
All you gotta do is be a good tenant.
Keep your house clean.
Now what's wrong with that?
There's nothing wrong with that.
Cause you gave me the Word
You gave me the Strength
You gave me the faith to make me a better man
So here I am, standing before you now.
Here I am
Here I am.
Do You get what I'm sayin'?
Do you get the big picture, the big metaphor?
My friends, this house is "L-I-F-"E"....


--  So What!?

Yo this is DJ Lamination
Comin’ to you from the number one station Inda Nation.
All I gotta say is this next track is hot off the presses.
Uh, baby girl…baby girl girl. Come on.
There’s no more hee-hee in my ha-ha
No more pee-pee in my ca-ca.
You don’t know nada
Go stay at the Ramada
Just say my name and call me Dada
Sugerdaddy/ Dali Lama
I get it on with your mama
Or Madonna, even if she don’t even wanna.
‘Cause on this track I’m going solo.
Beatin’ up little kids at the dojo
Callin’ up my homies on the telefono.
“Your girl is busted like Yoko Ono!”
Chillin’ wit’ me, you’re chillin’ wit’ my homos.
(I mean my homies)
I’m not a pimp, I’m not a playa.
I’m just a wimp, a figya skata.
I got no girls to call my own
Cause I always talk on the phone.
I got a friend his name is Stanley.
He always says “You’re not manly.”
I guess it’s ‘cause I’m not really built
Or because I dance in a kilt.
If Martha Stewart's got good taste.
So What!?
If I don’t have hair on my face.
So What!?
If I’m chillin’ wit’ my homey Mace.
So What!?
If I don’t like to drink beer.
It don’t matter yo,
It’s all about the cash flow…ya know?



Girl, oooh girl.
Where ya goin'
Now that you're gone.
You can't go to Mel Gibson's house.
He arrested you last time.
So where ya goin', now that you're gone.
I know that you're mad
'Cause I said that your dad was dead,
But I was joking around.
Who's gonna do my laundry?
Who's gonna clean my house?
Who's gonna cook me supper?
Now that you're gone.
You said that our love would last a lifetime.
It must have been the lifetime of an ant.



Oday ouya antway otay
Ogay otay ethay aceplay
Onay Onay Onay Onay
Onay Onay Onay Onay



One Time. Two Times. One times two times five is ten.
You need to take math all over again.
If you're a cracka a white mamajamma.
Utilizin' capabilities of proper gramma.
If eat hot dogs and you love to say "Hello!"
Then you're just a little girl, playin' in the Snow.
Ever heard a white dude tryin' to get down
It is sad man, check out this clown.
What up Mr Cheezy.
Mr Super Easy Breezy?
Who is talkin' on in a chat room to a girl who's real sleazy.
Think you got more strength than a bank got loans.
Think you got more rock that the Rolling Stones
You cannot dance man, you're just movin' your bones
Hyperventilating 'cause you got no more cell phones.
I never knew someone could be so pale
Throwin' out these crackas 'cause they're getting stale.
With their PHD's in philosophies,
I'm about to sneeze all up on your peas.
Cracka Cracka
Why you gotta be so white?
Why You gotta dance so uptight?
Cracka Cracka white dude sayin - "Hey Bro"
Playing rock and roll on the radio.
Yo, that stuff is wack like an asthma attack
You better step on back before I pull out my glass
Of chris
Crystal for long
I'm makin' fun of your butt up in this song
You need to see a pediatrist because you're corny
Pumpin' Beethoven because you know that it bores me.


-- Tommy's Heart

Hold on Paul, I'm making a call.
To who?
To my girl.
She's real busted.
Yeah, she thinks she's ugly, but I got that.
It don't matter what your face looks like,
Cause it's all about what's in your heart.
Don't hide it!
Don't fight it!
Let me know from the start.
You're so hot on the inside
Cause baby you're not on the outside.
And just like the US government,
The rules of love were made to be bent.
Love is a treacherous mountain that you
Must climb up
But you gotta realize that one day
You'll reach the top.
And she puts you down cause her arms are tired
And her back is weak from carrying you
And she says that she's glad that she quit her
Job at the deli to make it up this mountain
And there we are together.


-- So dumb

You are a dummy head
A perpetual unintellectual
Crawling in the stinky sewer of your brain
I laughed at cause you were so lame
You are so dumb,
You're dumb as a brick, but you're a house made of straw.
You'd blow dry your hair in the shower, but it's against the law


-- Hug a Tree

If you want peace give your enemies a hi-five,
If they start to punch you just run and hide.
Your bad vibes are giving me hives
Your brainwaves are messing up our lives
The sun is bright
The lightning strikes
Stop driving cars and start driving bikes
Hug a tree for me!
I don't care what you do just let me go hiking.
I put on my burkinstocks with socks
And go mountain-climbing.
I really really love you and I love everyone.
I never knew being phony could be this much fun


-- Nervous

You make me nervous
And when I'm nervous I shake
And when I shake I sweat
And when I sweat I smell
And when I smell you can tell that I'm nervous.
You made zucchini
And when I ate it I got sick
You made chicken a' la mode
And when I ate that I got sick
You asked me why I smell
I already told you …you make me nervous!!!


-- Galactobouriko 

She was made of jello
She was a marshmellow
She loved another fellow
And his legs were hairy
Oh so very hairy
She was kind of dirty
She was kind of wordy
She was over thirty
Mid-life Crisis
She had I-Love-You-Siphelitus
But not for me!
Godadapoodiko Elatho sipadakalo
Godadapoodiko Elatho sipadakalo
She was kind of nutty
She felt like silly putty
She thought it would be funny
Lot's of pain!
To push me off a train
A train to smush my brain


-- Balloon Man 

Mr Balloon Man made a secret
That was just for me.
He wrapped it up in a big balloon
So nobody else could see.
Mr. Balloon Man wasn't large
In fact he was rather skinny
Said his wife was a strange woman
Who changed her name from Sue to Vinny.
I popped the big balloon to see what was inside.
It was stranger with a big nose
And a tiny neon sign.
"Do Not Pop The Balloon"
"Do Not Pop The Balloon"


-- Hold Me Tight

You opened up your mouth
When you did it something smelly came out
Hold me tight (Tight!)
Eat my rice (Rice)
You're not so nice (Nice)
Jesus Chise (Chrise)
I'm kinda deep,
My names Phillipe
Cut away all the gross (Gross)
Clean the nasty off your nose (Nose)
Come on and clean all your clothes (Clothes)
Gimme summa 'dose ('dose)


--Good Music

I like good music..
It makes me feel good.
Deep in my soul -
Like good music should.
When I want to party
I have lots of fun.
Being really cool
And being awesome.
When I hear good music
I wanna tap my feets.
I don't like music
If it ain't on the streets.



--I Ate Your Bird

You left your birdy at my house.
He left a poopoo on my blouse.
He turned my kitchen into a casino.
I never knew a bird could be such a meano.
He punched my girlfriend in the face.
And then he made fun of her race.
He installed a virus in my computer.
Then he laughed and he flipped me the bird.
I ate your bird and I'm sorry. (I'm Sorry)
He flew in my mouth when I was yawning.
The birdy threw my baby up in the air.
When my baby came down, he wasn't there.
I found out he was a deadbeat dad.
Who got a disease from every bird that he had.
You left your birdy at my house.
You left your birdy at my house.


--Love Is a Four Letter Word

What makes you so unique?
I think it might just me your physique.
You kinda look like a lollipop,
With a big old head that just won't stop.
Ima pick you up in my Ferrari …Skooter.
So we can get there sooner
or later. Love is a four letter word like "wool"
I don't like how it feels.
I'll take you to a fancy restaurant
You can order anything you like.
May I suggest the chicken nuggets
Tonight you look like Jon Luvitz.
If you wanna sleep over I'll take the top bunk.
We don't need to make love girl,
That stuffs for punks.
I've been shot with the poisoned arrow of love.
It's called alcohol.
Whoah, you think that 'cause I'm a gangsta I don't have feelings too?
Well shame on you.
I thought we had something special, like an albino alligator.
But I guess I was wrong, so peace out.
Peace out girl...forever
Oh...and p.s. I want my Abdoflexer back pronto.
And if you don't know Italian, that means A.S.A.P
And if you don't know abbreviations, that means as soon as possible.


-- DJ REAL 2

All the brothers out there, they can’t compare to DJ REAL.
Who’s the worst dancer in the world? DJ REAL.
Who thinks a scone is the top of a muffin? DJ REAL.
Which dj needs lots of lovin’? DJ REAL
DJ REAL has mad sex appeal.
Mom,you’re ruining the vibe. You always ruin everything! Man…