The Comedy Bureau (Jan, 2017) [Click here for the full article]

100 Best Things in Comedy We Were Witness to in No Particular Order of 2016
y Jake Kroeger

"SF comedian Nick Stargu’s alias DJ Real mixes an uncanny command of musicianship with an über-clever style of comedy that dazzled and had us doubling over laughing at the same time."


Groundsounds (Sept, 2016) [Click here for the full article]

San Fran based DJ REAL premieres “Pushups” and talks forthcoming LP, ‘They’ll Say Yes!’

"...musician and multi-media artist DJ REAL is a visionary with a wicked sense of humor. Not unlike other genre-subverting auteurs like Frank Zappa, Ween or Ariel Pink, DJ REAL’s recordings explore surreal topics and subjects with a wide range of styles."


Broke Ass Stewart (Dec,  2015)  [Click here for the full article]

DJ REAL: Comedian You Should Know
Alex Mak / Photo - Red Scott


San Francsico Magazine (April, 2010)  [Click here for the full article]

Night Watch: Reading Glasses
Mia Lipman / Photo - Chris Brennan

"DJ Real gives the house a break from serious literature with his special brand of hip-hop parody."


SF Weekly (Feb 9th, 2010)  [Click here for the full article]

Last Night: The Monthly Rumpus w/ Daniel Handler, Tony DuShane, DJ Real
by Jennifer Maerz

"...DJ Real was a very strange, and strangely wonderful combination of lo-fi recording artist and Andy Kaufman comedian. His act included an original song about bullies asking for permission to cause pain titled "Please Let Me Step on Your Face" that included the line, "I suppose it's gross, but I'm gonna put my toes in your nose."


NEW HAVEN ADVOCATE (June 16, 2009)  [Click here for the full article]

Stuck in a Corner With...DJ Real! 
by Kathleen Cei


The Set List (January 2009) [Click here for the full article]

DJ Real - Personal Growth
 by John Ross

"...With twenty tracks total, “Personal Growth,” gets to the point/funny and carries through until the very end. With no songs over three minutes long, nothing is overdone. There are no overly repetitive choruses that beat the jokes into you. Just absurdly clever lyrics and fantastic musicianship, all of which are written, performed and recorded by Nick Stargu aka DJ Real..."

NEW HAVEN ADVOCATE (OCTOBER 28, 2004)  [Click here for the full article]

Trick-or-Treat Beatsg
by Kathleen Cei

"...Stargu continues to create Real-y funny characters with his quirky dance moves, crazy costumes, rhymes, beats, pre-recorded voice tracks (sometimes the voice of God, sometimes his mom)..."


New Haven Advocate (June 27 2002)  [Click here for the full article]

Getting Real
by Kathleen Cei

"...The voices and beats are all Stargu's, recorded in his New Britain bedroom on an 8-track recorder, using a Nord Lead synthesizer and Boss Dr. Rhythm drum machine. "I have a Sam Ash card," he explains. His act is a combination of Andy Kaufman, Weird Al Yankovich, Devo and Primus.."


WWUH Program Guide September/October 2001  [Click here for full article]

by Dr. Longhair

"...The crowd at a typical DJ REAL show should expect the unexpected, and anticipate becoming part of the show themselves."